Installation in windows under Vmware

  • First up im very new to pfsense, moonwall and bsd in general .. Ive been having problems on my network with people downloading via p2p and this looks like a great way to traffic shape or even block it all togther.. So i downloaded it and vmware and started on this steep learning curve :)
    Ive followed the installation tutorial step by step but have got stuck near the end. pfsense is installed under vmware and i can get to the console window, i can not log into the webconfigurator however (where the problem lies)

    The console states:

    WAN*    ->  le0  ->
    LAN*    ->  le1  ->

    then i get all the usual options

    I set the lan to as we have a mail server on  Through the console i can ping both address's, through the dos command line i can not, hence why i cant get to the web configurator. Ive obviously done something wrong or the tutorial has missed guided me (not likely), but i have no idea where.. Im guessing those WAN and LAN ip's should be something else, in the tutorial it said inc0 and inc1 where as i have le0 and le1… i dont know if this makes a difference?
    Any help to get this up and running would be much appreciated!

    intel p4 2.4
    1gb ram
    Os: server 2000
    server mobo: intel s845wd1 (intel server mobo with 2 intergrated nics) i set 1 nic as bridged and added the other to the bsd server as vmnet2 (as the tutorial said to do)
    4 gb vmware partition.. 384mb ram allocated.

  • ok just out of curiosity i changed the LAN and WAN interfaces around and i can log into the webconfigurator now. However now i get:

    LAN*       ->  le0  ->
    WAN*     ->  le1   ->

    In the web configurator if i change this to and the gateway to (router ip) this would be fine?

    Sorry for all the newbie questions!

  • With continous digging through the forums i am slowly getting to the bottom of this. It would be good if there was a true step by step guide, that covers most basic things.. Ive found that i need to bridge the connection from vmnet2 to the network card, assign a route to the router and a few other things.. still havnt got it working but im not at home to do it so it can wait! lol

  • Hi,

    I'm not sure if you have this resolved or not, but if not I have one piece of advice. I noticed that you have your two pfSense networks configured on the same network segment ( Since pfSense acts as a router, this will not work. You need to have two different network segments. It looks like is the network you are getting from your (other) router. So this can be your WAN network. For your LAN network you could set up a host only network. That is what I did. You will need to configure vmware to use host only networking. It will give you another (virtual) network that you can use. Then you will be able to put vms that you want behind pfSense on that network. This works for me.

    Let me know if you need more information about this.


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