Are bounties only meant for pfSense?

  • I apologize, I am not trying to troll  ;D

    But it doesn't say so in the two pinned posts. I see the current bounties are pfSense only, but does that mean one can not post other bounties? Or perhaps the powers that be could create a sub-bounty board for non-pfSense bounties?

    The reason I ask is: I need somebody to program a simple MySQL-thing for me to read smartctl-data, and I would like somebody to help me with VOIP.

    There are a zillion fora around the internets, I visited some of them only to end up with one respondent who offered to do it for 'around 2000 USD' (grin - for an hour work for a skilled programmer. I can't program, but I know some MySQL and how programming works from my ERP-background), and one guy in 'cheap cheap cheap India' who offered 800 USD, and when I told him that I know it isn't that much work, offered to do it for 50 USD. Talk about trusting people any further… 8)

    And then I thought: there are many skilled and reliable people in this fine community, so I'd rather leave some of my money here.

    So, I am not trying to troll, mods  :-*

  • Yes, this is meant for bounties relating to pfSense.

    I've had a lot of luck with ODesk in the past.  The best thing to keep in mind is that if you're getting wildly-varying quotes or quotes WAY higher than you expected, then you haven't spec'd out the project adequately.  Just because it makes sense to you, doesn't mean that others will get it and as such will tend to pad their estimates a LOT when accepting a fixed-bid project.