Captive portal and IAS 2003

  • I've solved the other problem, it was that in dhcp config, DNS server it wasn't pfSense ip.
    Now it works perfectly, but if i restart my AD server, after reboot i can't authenticate clients, in event viewer i got ID event 13 on IAS, but if i restart IAS service, all works well again.
    Could i know why? :-)

    Log when it fails

    logportalauth[526]: ERROR: paperino, 00:1c:bf:82:f7:2e,, Error sending request: No valid RADIUS responses received

    Log when it works

    logportalauth[526]: USER LOGIN: paperino, 00:1c:bf:82:f7:2e,

    and on event viewer (italian)

    È stato ricevuto un messaggio RADIUS da un indirizzo IP non valido del client RADIUS.

    traslate like It's received and radius messages from an not valid ip address of client RADIUS.

    But in my pfSense i have Windows DNS setted up

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