Portal page default

  • Hello to everybody!

    I need your help because I would like to change portal page default (captive portal) but before to upload my file I wish to save default page.
    I dont know the file index.html in which directory is it.

    Thanks in advance for yours reply.


  • Hi !

    It's no a file, it generate when the user didn't supply its own.

    /etc/inc/captiveportal.inc - have a look at line 52 and further on.

  • Hello Gertian, thanks for reply

    but my question is another, sorry for my english…:)

    So enabling the captive portal to its default pfsense displays a page in html for authentication .

    I would like , first to upload the page , do the backup.

    If I can do that You can indicate which folder is saved default page.

    Thanks for reply to everbody


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