November Hangout today! (pfSense 2.2 Preview)

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It was announced elsewhere (Such as the blog, see ) but the November Hangout is today at 2PM EST / 1PM CST. Due to the Holiday we had to shift it to earlier in the week. Next one should be back on its usual Friday spot.

    I'll be covering the new features and changes coming in 2.2. Even if you've been using and tracking 2.2 development there are likely things that have been missed or gone unnoticed, so drop by if you can. It will likely be about 30-45 minutes with some Q&A afterward.

    The link to the hangout will show up once you login at with your userid and password, and we have also posted some Linux client installation instructions that we know work.

    See you there!

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