Trying to use SNMP with GFI RMM

  • I've enabled SNMP on my PFSense device but I cannot find a list of OIDs anywhere to set in my GFI RMM client for it to check. My main goal is I am trying to make it check the pfsense for a downed internet connection. It has dual WAN. I keep seeing this snmpwalk command to find the OIDs but I type it under diagnostics -> command and I tried it under ssh, but it does not exist.

    Perhaps I am doing something wrong? I've googled google to death and still nothing.

  • We include a standard MIB, plus some additional options for pf stats. For determining whether a connection is down, there isn't anything in SNMP that checks gateway status. You'd probably just use the interface counters and alarm when it has less throughput than what's normal for that day and time of day.