Linking 2 branches together.

  • Hello
    I need some recommendation/solution to link both of my internet cafes together
    Each internet cafes consist of 80 PCs. The objective is to allow Branch A to play Lan Games such as Warcraft with Branch B.

    Pls tell me software/OS/hardwares that I need to accomplish this task. Any help/recommendation is appreciate.

  • A VPN connection is not really good for LAN games (ping wise).
    Use the Search function. About the exact same question has been asked before:

    To summarize:
    You would need the same subnet on both sides and make an openVPN-Bridge.
    Read the FAQ/Doc's on how to do this.
    (as long as you dont use CARp there does not seem to be a problem with bridging openVPN)

    The other approach is to use a broadcast Proxy.
    Here is some code you would need to port to FreeBSD with which you could accomplish this.
    Maybe you want to open a Bounty.

  • i would jus t set up a server that can be reached via internet and then password protect it.

    :-\ :-\

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