How to access other lan inside lan

  • Hi,

    I'm not getting over how to access other lan inside lan with OpenVPN.

    I have added IPv4 Local Network/s: to the OpenVPN

    I need to access network which can be accessed from I can access servers from network with OpenVPN but not servers in network I have the interface for network on my firewall.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    You need to push a route to out to the VPN client.

    You need to make sure traffic from your VPN clients to is allowed by your OpenVPN firewall rules.

    You also need to be sure the hosts on will route traffic for the OpenVPN clients back to the right place.

    Adding to the local networks in your OpenVPN server should be enough, though there might be a better way to do it like pushing the route using a client-specific attribute.

  • I think we need more details.  Site to site or road warrior?  Provide a network map and post our configs.

  • If it is site-to-site, then, in the Remote Network/s box at both client and server end, list all the remote networks reachable across the VPN link. (i.e. the list will be "opposite" on client to server)

    If it is road warrior server, then put all the networks reachable through the server into the Local Network/s box - this will tell the clients what they can reach across their link to the server.

    In all cases put rules on OpenVPN to allow traffic from the clients to the various networks. Put rules on the server-end LAN etc to allow traffic from the server network/s to the clients (if you want traffic to be initiated in that direction also)