Games don't work anymore!

  • We recently installed pfSense firewall/routers, now none of my games work (BF2, america's army,

    My trading software isn't working either.

    I tried the static port thing but it didn't help.

    Can someone please help.  Thank you.


  • Have you enabled UPnP in pfSense under the Services menu?

  • For anyone looking at this in the future:

    Looks like I figured it out (after 3 hours last night, and 4 hours tonight using the backup xml config files).

    We had the MAC address spoof/cloning turned on.  Looks like that isn't working properly since when I turned it off, everything works like a charm (no static ports needed).

    I'm fairly sure that MAC address cloning was not a problem with any of my previous routers, so maybe this is a pfSense bug.

    How I trouble shot this:
    After trying the suggestions that were supposed to work (ie: static ports), I gave up and nuked the router and reset it to factory.  I checked this worked.  It did.  I then downloaded the backup config xml file and compared it to my config that had problems.

    Slowly I tried adding things from my bad config to the simple config until I got a problem.  Eventually I found the change that caused problems was the MAC Address cloning/spoofing.


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