Xbox 360 Connectivity Issues

  • Hello All,

    I manage a number of services which I have port forwarding (NAT) on the WAN interface to it's respected internal computer. I've been running this for about 2,5 months or so. About 2 weeks ago my roommate came to me asking how to reboot the router as his 360 was instructing him to pull the power connector from it. Apparently he's receiving all sorts of connectivity issues with getting to the internet and xBox Live.

    It initially says that the NAT is strict and it can't connect out. It'll also intermittently report that it can't even connect to the internet even though no setting have been changed. I enabled UPNP for just his xBox's reservation and it forked for a few hours and then it stopped again. I've tried using NAT to forward what MS says his Xbox needs, but it doesn't make sense that NAT would be needed since his xbox is establishing the connection out, not xBox Live connecting in.

    Any way, my pfSense Box has  5 Gbps interfaces so I've setup one and connected it up to an old WRT54GL router I had sitting around in AP mode with DHCP disabled on the AP. Enabled DHCP on the interface and am able to connect and get an IP from the AP. Now I'm looking to setup the interface to be completely unfiltered and connect only to the WAN interface. How would the best way to go about this be as I'm not overly fluent with pfSense firewall configurations.


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    "completely unfiltered and connect only to the WAN interface."

    Do you have more than 1 public IP from your isp?  You can not do what your asking with 1 IP that you would need for your other devices.

    As to xbox live not working.  Should be simple port forward of 88 tcp, 3074 tcp/udp, 5060-5061 udp.  Your not blocking outbound traffic are you?

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