RB14eu four slot adapter

  • I was having serious difficilituilities with pfSense and my Vyatta/Lanner FW-8760. I was trying to get a wifi card up and running and it was failing horribly. I now feel some of your pain in the wifi!!! The machine has a Mini-PCI slot so i put in a know working Compex fresh on the bench. Troubles. Switched to an generic Atheros card. Troubles. Switched to my Cadillac R52-hn. Failed. What in the world?? Time to regroup.
    Then. Fresh off the truck an Mikrotik RB14eu. Slipped in a Generic ATH card and wired the pigtail to the backplate slipped it in and Bam. Right away all systems GO. Unreal i wish i could get those 30 hours back.
    Now it is no wonder why the Vyatta is so cheap? No bios upgrades and its semi-broken!!!Maybe intentionally disabled by Vyatta. Who knows. We will call it an immature BIOS.

    The RB14eu is great with 4 Sims and 4 pci-e 1X slots, but i do wish i could find some instructions on the usb cables. Seems only one cable would be needed for 2 SIMs but which USB header?? Lots of USB interfaces to chose from but no instructions. Quality feeling build compared to some of the cheap imports i have.

    I am thinking 2 wifi and two cell modems with it.


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