PFSense high CPU load on Hyper-V

  • Hey all,

    Since the latest update I'm experiencing really high CPU load when moving data over the network. When copying files from a machine in the network or over the internet the download speed drops to around 2/3 MBs when this used to 9-10 over WAN and 30-40 over LAN.

    It seems hv_event (hyper-v?) and clock are the problem but I don't know why this suddenly changed.
    When this happens pfsense responds incredibly slow when using the shell and a command like vmstat takes around 30-60 seconds to complete.

    When looking at the hyper-visor (Windows Server 2012 R2) nothing strange appears to be happening. The task manager tells me around 50-60 percent of the CPU is being used even though pfsense should be able to take 100%. Harddisk read/writes and the NIC usage is also really low (running 2 Samsung spinpoint f1's in raid 0 with 1gbit WAN and 1gbit lan).

    PFSense is running on synthetic network adapters.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    System specs:

  • i think you'd be better off, posting in the 2.2 section of the forum …. beta

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