MultiWAN failover with squid3 on pfsense 2.1

  • Hi,

    I'm setting up a pfSense box (nanobsd 2.1.5 i386) with multiWAN with squid proxy.
    I use squid3-dev package ( squid 3.3.10 pkg 2.2.8 ) to be able to use the ACL random feature (

    So in the custom settings section, I use :

    acl loadbalance random 0.5;
    tcp_outgoing_address <ip wan1=""> loadbalance;
    tcp_outgoing_address <ip wan2="">;</ip></ip>

    This works well !
    Except that when a WAN comes down, squid will continue to send half of the traffic to the failed wan…

    The way to do this with pfsense 2.0 (not tested) was to use as tcp_outgoing_address and create a floating rule to loadbalance the traffic
    This method had the advantage to go through the pfsense routing/failover logic and I think that could solve my problem.
    Unfortunatly, that's not working anymore with 2.1...

    2.0 method links:
    Youtube Video

    Any idea ?


  • Thanks for sharing, but I've got a:

    php: /pkg_edit.php: The command '/usr/pbi/squid-i386/sbin/squid -k reconfigure' returned exit code '1', the output was '2014/12/17 14:28:40| aclParseAclLine: Invalid ACL type 'random' FATAL: Bungled squid.conf line 75: acl fiftyPercent random 1/2 Squid Cache (Version 2.7.STABLE9): Terminated abnormally.'

    and end up to get the pfsense load balance but without a running squid!

  • Hi,

    You need squid 3.2 if you want to use ACL type random.
    Install squid3-dev (squid 3.3.10)

  • Doese failover work?

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