Doc update for 2.2

  • Hi,

    will the 2.1 draft version which is available for the gold members (I actually became one now with the RC release of 2.2) be updated for 2.2 or where can we find actual documentation on the changes?


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The draft on the portal site will be updated for 2.2 (once we can breathe a bit post-release)
    Also the wiki will be updated here and there as needed. I've been fixing some things up already.

  • as another gold member, it would be nice if the link on the gold page had the date of the last update of the draft.

    2014 came and went and the 2.1 book was never 'released', and here we are with 2.2-RELEASE  (or -STABLE)

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