Captive portal + radius selective accounting

  • I have an application where I would like to have the captive portal account for most things, but not all.
    Specifically, there is some traffic such as whatsapp or specific sites that I don't want the user to log in via the captive portal in order to use. Ideally that traffic would also not count against their total octets transferred statistics.

    Is this possible without modification?

    I'm thinking there is a set of firewall rules that would make this possible, but I'm just not seeing how that would work.

  • In your captive portal settings, you can specify whitelisted sites - aka, sites which the user can access without logging into the portal - under the 'Allowed IP addresses' and 'Allowed Hostnames' tabs. I don't quite see how you'd be able to filter out the transfer stats, but this would at least allow you to bypass the captive portal for the selected sites you want.

  • I think that might be good enough for what I need to do. Now that I know how to do it, I see exactly where it's documentation.

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