Rules not apply immediately

  • Hi every body,

    i just use pfsense few day, i'm current use bridge mode with esxi
    But when i apply change rules, it's not immediately apple with current connect

    I connected to VPS with SSH, and apply change block all connect to vps. But i need re-connect again with new windows putty to can't connect to vps. And current session still use normal.

    Sorry my bad english !

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Firewall changes do not apply to existing states.  If you want to force such behavior you have to clear the firewall states in question manually.

  • Thanks Derelict,

    So how i can "clear the firewall states in question manually".
    If you can, please show me step by step.
    Thanks you so much

  • Diagnostics->States, Reset States tab.

  • Thanks  phil.davis !
    Problem now sloved !

  • Don't forget that clearing the states will kill all of the current connections. Users may be interrupted, but they can reconnect.

  • It would be nice to have logic built into "pf" so you could tell it "reevaluate all existing states against the just-loaded ruleset and remove any states that would have been blocked if they had started with the just-loaded ruleset".
    That actually seems a reasonably easily computable thing. I wonder why there is not an option on "pf" when loading a new ruleset, to process state matching to rules and clear states that no longer pass.

  • I have a similar issue, but I have relied on a schedule to cut off specified sources on my LAN at 10:00pm.  I want to block Skype after 10:00pm, hence I created a rule on the LAN with a schedule, and I know the rule works as long as a connection attempt is made while the rule is active.  If the source is using Skype while the schedule is set to change from inactive to active, the rule does not block the established connection.  I currently reboot my access point to force the source to reconnect, and the rule blocks since it's a new connection attempt, but it seems silly to have to coordinate so many devices to implement a rule.  Clearing the states makes sense, but I would have to do that manually every day.  Am I missing something here, or will I have to create a cronjob to reset the states, and if so, what would that be, pfctl ?

    Thank you

  • As long as it is a pass rule being disabled, then pf knows all the states that match that rule. From the man page:

    It is also possible to kill states by rule label or state ID. In this mode the first -k argument is used to specify the type of the second argument. The following command would kill all states that have been created from rules carrying the label “foobar”:

    # pfctl -k label -k foobar

    pfSense should be able to have a label for each rule, and the code that looks for and processes rule schedule changes every 15 minutes could see what rules are now off-schedule and kill any states that matched those rules.

    I will not work if implemented the reverse way - e.g. if you normally allow all on LAN but have a "block FaceBook" rule that is active during office hours. The Facebook states currently active at 9am, when the block cuts in, are just states against the "allow all on LAN" rule. So no way to easily select them.

    But scheduled rules can always be implemented positively - e.g. put a "Facebook allow" rule for evening and early morning, followed by an "always block Facebook" rule that has no schedule.

    I will have a play some time and see if this would be reasonably easy to implement.

  • @jondoe364:

    …..Am I missing something here, or will I have to create a cronjob to reset the states, and if so, what would that be, pfctl ?

    Thank you

    Try this:

    • Have your scheduled block rule in the LAN firewall rules

    • Install Cron package

    • Create a Cron job to be run 1 minute after the block becomes effective with the command:

    /sbin/pfctl -k >IP on the block list<

    (afaik the aliases won't work for Cron, so one job for each IP)

    works for me now:

    To monitor the states I also have an eMail Report for the states of the respective IPs, sending the output for the command

    /sbin/pfctl -ss | grep >IP on the block list<

    enjoy… ;-)

  • phil.davis: I had not thought about allowing a rule during specific hours.  I was able to kill the state with a cronjob, but if I change the schedule, I have to change the cronjob time too.  I may try it your way.  It's seems like less work.  Thanks.

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