Error with Captive portal: This computer wasn't used to login initially

  • Hi,
        I have Captive portal installed with Radius authentication and 2 users in the Radius database. All the devices connecting can authenticate through these 2 users which are guest and Guest and a known password. There are therefore many users using the same login and password.
          It works most of the time, but once in a while we get login failures with the following error: This computer wasn't used to login initially. Login continues to fail after several attempts.

    Error: This computer wasn't used to login initially

    In the captive portal config, max concurrent sessions, timeouts, disable concurrent logins, disable mac filtering etc are NOT enabled. Only the per user bandwidth restriction and Radius authentication are enabled.

    Does somebody know what could be the reason behind this error.

    Thanking you in advance.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Anything in the Portal Auth log? Probably some sort of IP/MAC mismatch that doesn't line up with the online user list.

  • Hi,
        This message "Error: This computer wasn't used to login initially" is from the portal auth log. It seems that when the DHCP server reuses an IP address and reassigns it to a different host/mac-address, the IP/MAC pair does not match what's in the online users list for this user. I did put a timeout of 6000 for users to be disconnected from the portal though, but it seems they are not being removed.

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