SSH access only from one IP address

  • Hi,

    I got WAN, LAN and one OPT1 as other connection, consider as DMZ
    I want allow SSH access to pfSense only from one IP address which will connect from DMZ port (OPT1)


  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    then create a rule to block ssh to the pfsense address on lan, by default it would be blocked on wan.  Create a rule on dmz to allow from your source IP to 22 pfsense dmz address.  Block others to 22 after that.

    You will prob have to disable the anti lockout rule - since this allows 22 to your lan interface
    "When this is unchecked, access to the webConfigurator on the LAN interface is always permitted, regardless of the user-defined firewall rule set. Check this box to disable this automatically added rule, so access to the webConfigurator is controlled by the user-defined firewall rules (ensure you have a firewall rule in place that allows you in, or you will lock yourself out!) Hint: the "Set interface(s) IP address" option in the console menu resets this setting as well. "

    Is odd that dmz would be where you to access pfsense from, normally that is where you put stuff you want isolated.  But if you don't want access to pfsense 22 from lan your going to have to disable that antilock out rule.

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