Pfsense 1.2 and FTPS (SSL FTP) problem (fixed)

  • Hi,
    I'm running pfsense 1.2 Released.
    The system is setup with LAN and WAN interface.
    All using public IP address space.  No NAT is involved.
    Primary purpose of system is providing captiveportal service which has been working great.
    One problem is that FTPS (SSL FTP) does not work correctly from the LAN side.  The outbound connects to the remote system but traffic is not returning correctly so I am guessing it's a firewall issue.
    I looked at the system state and see the following:

    Proto    Source -> Router -> Destination    State   

    Why the loopback address is in there?

  • This is the ftp helper (proxy) that you are seeing. It usually helps to dynamically open ports and help with nat. You can enable/disable it at interfaces>lan. It's on by default at LAN and off for all other interfaces. Try to disable it and see if it works better without.

  • Thanks Hoba.
    That did the trick !!!
    Greatly appreciated the help

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