Unable to get wireless router (DLINK DGL-4500) working with Pfsense

  • Please excuse me if this is somewhere on the forums, tried Google could not find anything that has helped me.

    I'll start off with what's on my network.

    D Link DGL-4500 @

    LYNKSYS WRT54GS flashed w/DDWRT  as a repeater bridge @

    Watchguard x1000 w/pfsense @


    and an abundance of PC's and tablets.

    For some reason I'm not able to get wireless on the network. On the DGL 4500 I disabled DHCP connected it to the 3550 switch. I'm able to ping to router but cannot surf the web. All devices connected to the switch get internet access. Is there any configuration in pfsense that I need to do? I'm also getting an amber light on the link led on the modem.

  • can you make us a schematics of your connections in the following structure?

    if some devices have multiple ports such as routers, specify on wich port the cable is connected (internet or WAN, 1,2,3,4…)

    Cable Modem  (only 1 port)
                    WAN NIC of PfSense

    Lan1 Nic of PfSense
          Switch xxx


  • I just posted a description of the process to get an AP running in another thread - "How to use a consumer wireless router with pfSense" - if you follow that then you should be able to get it working.  All AP's are different but the basic script is the same - I have always found it best to start off with a factory reset first so that everything is in a known state.

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