Firewall constantly interrupts my network drive mappings

  • Hi,

    since I have pfsense installed it constantly interrupts my network drive mappings.
    pfsense is running on it's own box.
    From there I have two internal subnets from 2 different NICs on the pfsense box, let's call it subnet A and B.

    On subnet A there is a NAS installed, the PC I am working on is in subnet B.
    There is a rule for both NICs in pfsense so LAN A is able to communicate with LAN B.

    On the PC in LAN B I have network mappings (Windows 7) to the NAS in LAN A.
    The communication is working but somehow it is interrupted after some time (about 20 minutes).

    If I am copying for instance from a local drive on PC (LAN B) to a mapped NAS drive (LAN A) and there are big directories to copy the process stops after about 20 minutes and tells me the network mapping is not available anymore. I have to kill the process then.
    When reclicking on the mappings in Windows Explorer they come back up again.

    Also I see some blocks constantly with either PA or RA from LAN A to LAN B or vice versa on Port 445. So it seems that somehow the state between the two is thrown away after some time and then the connection is interrupted.
    This is pretty annoying in daily work.

    Can someone help me on that please?


  • Shame over me, it seems that I forgot to allow ICMP traffic between internal networks.
    After doing that it's working, until now…

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