Bug in Athero driver: Kernel panics, hostapd and random wifi disassociation

  • Hey guys,

    This bug has bothered me for months before I came to a resolution. I actually thought the cars I got was crap until I decided to give it another shot this weekend.

    I have an Athero card (forgot the chipset) installed in my box. I've been using it temporarily to replace an aged DIR-601 I was using: living with a bunch of people and the older state table was too small. This weekend I've experienced kernel panics (page fault, supervisor write in memory area reserved for the card) and random wifi disassociations on my clients.

    Buried in the bowels of the Internet I found a forum post from something like 2010 where somebody has the same problem, and the solution was to disable traffic shaping!

    Yes, that's right, traffic shaping.

    I'm at a loss as to why exactly this happens, but nonetheless it did solve my problem. I have traffic shaping enabled on both sides of Ethernet (LAN and WAN) and disabled on the wireless and it seems to work okay.

    Just thought I'd post here to let you guys know and hopefully Google will pick this up and post it somewhere that isn't on page 15..

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