New Interface Can't Access Internet

  • My pfSense server has 3 NIC's. I've been using only two of them for awhile and everything is fine. I setup a new interface (domain) on the third NIC. I need machines that are connected to the two internal interfaces to access the internet and machines on the other interface internally. On the new interface I added two firewall rules, one for IPv4 another for IPv6, that allows all LAN net traffic on any port to any destination on any port. From the diagnostics I can ping with the domainB interface selected. From a Windows machine on domainB I cannot ping google by name nor by IP. The IP address of the domainB interface is set as the default gateway on the windows machine. Is there something else that I need to do so that machines on domainB can access the Internet?

  • The new interface/subnet is going to be OPT1. The firewall rules on OPT1 need to specify source OPT1net.

  • Got it figured out. The FW rule didn't like me using "LAN Net". Instead I specified a network and it's working fine now.

  • Yes, LAN net is only the subnet on the LAN interface.

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