Problems with NetMeeting

  • I'm new to pfSense and I have one big problem - Windows machines can not use NetMeeting.

    Can any body give me some pointers on how to enable outgoing and incoming NM calls?

  • Doesn't netmeeting support specifying a STUN-Server as well? Haven't used it for a long time so I don't know. If it's not working with static ports like GruensFroeschli suggested try searching for that setting. Enabling UPnP on pfSense might help as well.

  • I've tried "static port" and enabling UPnP and it didn't help.

    Now I'm forwarding all TCP/UDP ports to single Windows machine (no firewall on it) and it's not possible to connect with NM (even though I can connect manually with netcat to any open port).

    After all this, it looks to me like this could be a bug/problem with pfSense because it must work if NAT forwards all ports and firewall allows everything.

  • Where is the static box that i needs to get check in the AON?

    i am looking to get the damn SIP shit to work and i will i almost had it working.

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