Possible to refresh a session with a voucher?

  • Im currently configuring a solution on a Internet café/Cyber café.

    Each customer logs on with a 125khz-tag loaded with a specific time, and then a client software on the machine will pull a voucher from a cyber-cafe server lets say each 1 minute.

    I then plan to have a roll of voucher per computer, that the server knows about, where each voucher is valid lets say 3 minutes.
    After each poll, if theres still Time on 125khz tag, the computer will get a new voucher. If time is expired, the computer will no longer get a voucher.

    Now to the idea:
    The client software will submit vouchers automatically to the captive portal page.

    Now to some questions:
    1: Is it possible to submit new vouchers to the captive portal and have both idle and hard timer reset? With no interruption in network traffic - for example if user is connected to a server and playing games or downloading file?

    2: If I submit a new voucher Before the old has expired, will the new time be added on top of old voucher or will the old voucher be "overwritten"?
    (I would prefer the latter, eg replacing the old voucher with a new, since then I can renew vouchers but still have a safety margin to account for a congested network or packet loss)

    The idea of useing vouchers and captive portal, is that if the customer tampers with the billing software on computers, the network access should be cut off since theres no "keep alive".

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