Multiple captive portal services although only one defined

  • I have only one zone called "intranet" defined.  But there are several instances of captive portal running.  These appear under "Services" and i have to manully stop them and only leave intranet running.  When i take a backup, i can only see "intranet" in the file.  How can i troubleshoot what is going on and get rid of these extraneous services.

    Captive portal: d
    Captive Portal: l
    Captive Portal: w
    Captive Portal: d
    Captive Portal: 2
    Captive Portal: 1
    Captive Portal: 1
    Captive Portal: l
    Captive Portal: 6
    Captive Portal: Intranet

  • Hi.

    Your config.xml is somewhat messed up.

    Open backup (XML) file - look for the <captiveportal>….</captiveportal> section.
    In there you will find multiple <cpzone>.....</cpzone> sections.
    Wipe all of them, except the one that defines your "Intranet" section.

    Restore this file - and restart pfSEnse.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It's also possible a captive portal config section was imported from 2.0.x or before into 2.1 and not a whole config. That will happen if the configuration wasn't properly migrated to the zone structure. It may need the entire <captiveportal>section removed (or at least anything outside of the cpzone tags)</captiveportal>

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