Minor UI improvement

  • if I leave my pfsense webUI open at a page for awhile, then click on something, say RRD Graphs, it will prompt for a new login because the old one times out.    When I log in, it always goes to the home page, and not to the page I was heading for.

  • Yes, that is a minor pain.
    If you open a request on redmine.pfsense.org then it won't get lost in forum noise.
    Not sure if it counts as a bug or feature?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The lack of redirection is a security measure.

    If you must keep a browser open like that, either increase the session timeout (System > User Manager, Settings tab) or configure your browser (or an add-on) to refresh the page periodically to keep the session active. But those also lessen security, of course.

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