Newbie - CP for home use, one VPN, the other open and lan?

  • First off, lot's of great stuff here and everyone has great walk-thru/step by step.  Very nice!  Scenario is:
    Using PFsense, new install on dedicated pc with 2 nics.  'A' nic is Wan to DSL Modem, 'B' nic is Lan to all home pc's.
    I read the setup for VPN (private internet access) setup using captive portal, looks straighforward and easy, haven't tried it yet. 
    Question is:  Can I present a captive portal logon page with 2 choices?  One if the user wants to use VPN and another if they don't, just Wan?  And if so, how would I set it up?  I looked for walkthrough's but only found the sticky with the MS radius stuff.
    Thanks much,

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