2 WAN and 2 OpenVPN , no client export on second server

  • When i have 2 WAN and 1 OpenVPN Server on each, the client Export shows only one OpenVPN server.
    How to export clients for the second OpenVPN Server?
    pfsense 2.2

  • At the top of the Client Export page it has "Remote Access Server" - are there 2 servers shown in that drop-down?

  • yes in the dropdown is  only the first openvpn server. the second ist not in the dropdown box under "Remote Access Server"

  • Are both VPN servers activated? The Export utility shows only activated servers.

  • yes both are enabled and running

  • can someone with 2.2 test it?

    create second openvpn server and check if it is possible to export client with both servers.

    i opened a bug report but it rejected till someone can also reproduce it.

  • I tried that on 2.2 - 2 servers, each on a different interface but listening on  the same port number.
    Leaving "Description" blank, I get 2 entries in the dropdown list - both say ""Server UDP:1194".
    I put 2 local users in, user 1 with cert for server 1, user 2 with cert for server 2. When I switch the selected server from the dropdown, the user displayed in the box at the bottom changes. So the system does not seem to get confused about the 2 entries in the Remote Access Server dropdown having the same text description.
    I changed to have an identical description for both servers, and still get 2 entries in the dropdown list and it works.
    Did a similar thing on my last 2.1.5 system, and no problem there either.
    I can;t break it - can you show your OpenVPN server settings for each server?
    (black out any addresses/keys… that look sensitive)

  • hope it is ok to post it here
    <authmode>Local Database</authmode>



  • There is nothing in the settings that actually identifies your public IPs or usernames, keys, certs… So a malicious person is not going to get anywhere with the settings you posted there.


    The mode of the 2nd server is a peer-to-peer mode, so you cannot do client export for that.
    You probably just missed selecting the mode when setting it up. If is is like the first server:


    then client export is going to show it.

  • my fault
    thx for the help

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