Usb wireless card for hostap tested?

  • Hi.

    I had read some info about supported wireless usb cards, I have a project and my box is not capable to accept other pci card, them I have 2 options, buy a extra ap or add a USB wireless device to my box running pfsense 2.1.5.

    Now, the list say:

    rum Ralink USB

    Them we have this list:

    Ralink RT2501USB
    Ralink RT2601USB
    Abocom hwu54dm
    Abocom rt2573
    Abocom wug2700
    Amit cgwlusb2go
    Asus rt2573
    Belkin f5d7050a
    Belkin f5d9050v3
    Ciscolinksys wusb54gc
    Ciscolinksys wusb54gr
    Conceptronic2 c54ru2
    Corega cgwlusb2gl
    Corega cgwlusb2gpx
    Dicksmith cwd854f
    Dicksmith rt2573
    Dlink2 dwa110
    Dlink2 dwa111
    Dlink2 dwlg122c1
    Dlink2 wua1340
    Edimax ew7318usg
    Gigabyte gnwb01gs
    Gigabyte gnwi05gs
    Gigaset rt2573
    Goodway rt2573
    Guillemot hwgusb254lb
    Guillemot hwgusb254v2ap
    Huawei3com wub320g
    Melco g54hp
    Melco sg54hp
    Msi rt2573
    Novatech rt2573
    Planex2 gwus54hp
    Planex2 gwus54mini2
    Planex2 gwusmm
    Qcom rt2573
    Ralink rt2573
    Ralink rt2671
    Sitecomeu wl113r2
    Sitecomeu wl172
    Sparklan rt2573
    Surecom rt2573

    Test each one imposible, I want b/g support n mmm I wont't died.

    Some manufactures build devices but they have v1 v2 v3.

    My question is, some one can share the specific brand model version if apply that u already test and is in production, want to go shopping and test.

    Any comment will be appreciated, thanks!!!

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