Question on captive portal setup

  • A setup I'm looking to achieve is

    –INTERNET--[existing firewall]–-LAN--[pfsense box w/captive portal]–LAN--[Access Point]–clients

    I'm not sure if this is strictly a question for the captive portal forum though.

  • Hi,

    Normally, pfSEnse is the device (firewall, gateway, router) that is hooked directly to the Internet.
    But it doesn't have to be, it could behind any router (firewall).

    This doesn't change anything about the portal setup.

    PS: if possible, activate the portal network on a third network (=OPT1) on the pfSense box, not the second (=LAN).

  • The key thing here is I do not want to segment the network here, I just want to prevent access from this interface without authentication.

    As in I want the DHCP server on the existing LAN to handle machines that communicate the pfsense box.

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