OpenVPN connections dropping/pings randomly failing

  • Hi,

    I have OpenVPN configured on PFSense. I followed this article, which works fine (did not do the bits about Dynamic DNS).

    What I've noticed on my Windows 7 work machine (which is on an ADSL line/not firewalled/not part of corp LAN), is that I can successfully connect to my VPN server (I run the openvpn gui as administrator and my account is a local admin). Once done, I can ping and rdp to any server in the LAN. After a couple of minutes, if I do ping -t on a LAN server, the pings fail and the vpn connection drops. The VPN connection then goes green again and pings succeed. This machine is not firewalled.

    On my home machine, I also noticed random drops and then connections working. I did not do a long running ping test. I do have kaspersky on my home machine, also Windows 7, and disabled the firewall, which was a temporary fix (vpn failed again).  Again, I am local admin.

    I used the wizard so firewall rules were created, like to my OpenVPN port (1196).

    I followed this article:

    Looking at the logs, I get pfsense inactivity timeout (–ping-restart) restarting

    I don't have two clients connected at the same time either, but the client is installed on 3 machines (the two in this post + a laptop).

    Any ideas why this may happen?

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