WebGUI issues with low screen resolution

  • Hello,

    On my laptop (1366x768 display), I have two issues with the WebGUI:

    • The menu bar wraps around, so the "Help" menu appears to be positioned below the "System" menu. This has the effect, that whenever I try to go down to a choose a sub-menu from the "System" menu, I have to go across the "Help" menu. This causes the "System" menu to be withdrawn and the "Help" menu to be drawn. This effectively renders the "System" menu to be unaccessible. Making the window wider don't help, since only the grey borders (see bullet 2) are widened, and the "Help" menu still wraps around.
      This problem doesn't happen on a much larger screen (1920x1200)

    • The wide grey borders on the left and right side of the WebGUI are really inconvenient on little displays (like a laptop), since they eat up a lot of the precious space.

    PS: This is pfsense-2.1.5 and happens with both, firefox anf konqueror running on ubuntu.

  • Just found this thread. Sorry for the double post!

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