Creating an as secure as possible OpenVPN Server in pfsense?

  • Hello All,

    I wanted to get feedback from the experts on how to make the OpenVPN server as secure as possible for my network.

    2 thing off the top of my head:

    • IP Restricted access
    • Individual user accounts to login
    • Remote Access (SSL  /TLS + User Auth
    • Enable authentication of TLS packets.
    • Automatically generate a shared TLS authentication key.
    • DH Parameter Length 2048bit (not sure of 4096 would be over kill)
    • Encryption Algo - AES-256bit

    Certificate depth i am ont sure, i have tried multiple times to install my own CA issue cert but users never show up in the Client export area.

    • Hardware Crypto - BSD Crypto Dev engine (using an Intel Xeon for the CPU - think it supports that…?)

    Is there really anything else that can be done?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    While the restricted to IP address would pretty much lock it down..  That sort of thing is really hard to do if this going to be a road warrior sort of connection.  If its for you to connect to your house from work that is another thing.

    You should never share connection creds or certs, so yeah - if you have multiple users they should all have their own details.

    +user auth would protect against if the certs and configuration were lost. Yup good thing.

    Kind of given you would want auth the TLS - that is default I am pretty sure..

    Auto gen is fine - unless you already had some keys you wanted to use from before, that sort of thing.

    2048bit should be more than enough, but feel free to use 4096 if helps you sleep at night ;)

    I personally just use BF-CBC 128 bit, it going to be a rare thing that someone would grab your packets and break the encryption..  I don't work for the dod, its my connection from road or at work to the home network.  Want some that is least cpu overhead.  If you have some hardware that can help with the encryption than use the alg that is best suited for that..  Other than I don't think it going to matter all that much.  Again if AES 256 helps you sleep then sure use that.

    As what your doing with your CA.. Not sure what your asking.. You create a CA in pfsense, you then gen user certs using that CA.  Are you wanting to use some CA outside pfsense and have it gen your user certs?

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