Allow OPT1 (DMZ) to reach OpenVPN site to site

  • Hi All - I have OPT1 configured as a DMZ.  Works great.  My primary network is and my DMZ is  I have an OpenVPN tunnel to a remote network that is (tunnel address is

    I want to be able to reach the remote network ( from my DMZ - what should my firewall rules look like, or is this tricker given that the remote network is via OpenVPN?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Add push "route" to your VPN server config or the client-specific config for the remote site.

    If the rules on DMZ don't already allow traffic from to there will need to be a rule there.

    The rules on the OpenVPN tab at the remote site will also have to allow traffic from to

    If you also want remote VPN clients on to initiate connections to servers on, the firewall rules on the OpenVPN tab at the local site will have to pass them.

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