Block LAN to Guest SSID

  • Hello!

    I was wondering if is possible to block Guest's SSID access to LAN not to Internet using VLANs in this kind of configuration?

    or should I use separates LAN interfaces to separate the traffic?

    In VLANs situation we can decrease number of Access Points from 2 to 1.

    What is your opinion?  :o

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    I think in order to phave pfSense block any traffic between LAN/VLAN you will need to setup VLAN's in pfSense first. Then you can set up a rule for VLANGUESTS to go out to the internet, yet block it accessing LAN.

    I have VLAN's on 1 NIC, I do recall the wise men in here said each VLAN on it's own interface is most secure, but I don't have more NICs.

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    Is your switch layer 3 or layer 2?

    If layer 2, then you must already have tagged VLAN interfaces on pfSense from the switch right?

    Yes, it's possible.

    Doesn't matter if it's on a separate interface or a VLAN tagged interface.  You'd do something like this:

    alias local_subnets

    Then on the interface for the guest VLAN:
    reject ip any source GUEST network dest local_subnets any
    reject ip any source GUEST network dest WAN address any
    reject ip any source GUEST network dest WAN2 address any
    pass ip any source GUEST network dest any any

    Above all those reject rules you would pass specific things like pinging the GUEST address, DNS, etc.

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    I think most people get into VLAN security issues when they continue to used the native VLAN (untagged traffic on a VLAN trunk (tagged) port.)  I would not continue using VLAN1.  I would do something like VLAN101, VLAN102, VLAN103, VLAN104, and use em0_vlan101, em0_vlan102, em0_vlan103, em0_vlan104, leaving em0 unassigned.  Then, in the switch, if you can't outright disable the native vlan on your trunk port (have it simply discard untagged traffic it receives), set it to an unused VLAN.

    I will usually use tagged pfSense interfaces and a tagged switchport even if the interface has only one VLAN on it.  That way adding VLANs in the future is pretty much hitless.

  • From me on top please enable WiFi client isolation for the VLANs where the both WLANs are in.
    So no one can snoop on the neighbors WiFi device.

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