Does OpenVPN take up space on a harddrive?

  • Hi!

    I got a question! Maybe it's a dumb question but I am new to this! :) So I ordered a VPS to mask my IP and installed OpenVPN succesfully by following a YouTube video. It connects just fine but today it seems it's not very stable. Now this could be the VPS but I started to think that maybe its another issue. I have a very cheap VPS (for 4 euros per month) with only 10GB HDD. Now could it be that OpenVPN is storaging stuff on my HDD resulting in a full HDD and thus the connection is bad? I didn't have these issues 5 days ago up until today. I could try reinstalling my VPS but I want a permanent solution. Are my thoughts right? If so, is there some way to turn it off? So I can just use OpenVPN to mask my IP without using any HDD resources on the VPS!


  • Nope  - Openvpn doesn't mess with your HD.

    Yep - Probably your VPS

    Try using port 80 or port 443 TCP.

  • Thanks for the reply! Like I said I am new to this :P I can change the port by going to the ipadres:943/admin correct?

    Do I need Port Number at  Admin Web Ui to 80?  Or are it the ports below Multi-Daemon mode?

    Also does the processor, wether it is HDD or SSD and RAM influence the OpenVPN connection speed?

  • Nope.

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