Open VPN connection to work - "dial on demand" setup ?

  • I have an open VPN client setup to connect to my companies main office so i can do remote management etc. using my home systems without having to install the vpn client on all systems..

    Works great.. apart from 1 thing.. i'm only allowed to make 1 connection at a time and i use the same vpn to connect my work laptop from customers sites etc.  so i have to remember shutting down the pfsense vpn client if i go on the road, which i forget pretty often.

    I would like to setup a kind of "dial on demand" connection where the openvpn client connects to the company vpn server only when i try to reach a company internal ip, which will disconnect after not having used the connection for an x amount of time..

    Since any communication with the company network will be initiated by me this would allow me to use the home setup of i work from home, which will time out if i go on the road.

    any ideas on how to create such a setup on my pfsense home firewall ?

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