Query concerning Captive portal download/upload limits

  • I have an idea I may already know the answer to this one, but wanted to run it past the forum to see if anyone could provide some input. I'm running a pfSense 2.1.5 system acting as captive portal for anything up to around 250 concurrent users. Until now I've set a per user download/upload limit of 4Mb to prevent our 40Mb pipe from being hogged by any one user. It would be useful to know, however, whether there is a method by which pfSense can apply a per-user limit or throttle depending on overall usage. For instance, if we removed the 'hard' 4Mb restriction per user and one or more users ended up pushing the bandwidth usage up to or near the full 40Mb between them, would there be a way for pfSense to apply a per-user throttle dynamically while usage was high, then automatically disable the limit when average usage dropped?

  • Ok, did a little digging and this does what I need it to do. Sort of: https://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=63531.0

    Ideally it would still be useful to implement bandwidth restrictions only when usage reaches a certain threshold. I suspect there is nothing in the traffic shaping rules which will do this, but thought someone might like to prove me wrong.

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