Connection to VPN very slow

  • Hello,
    i hope i can get some help here.

    what i'm trying to do:
    my pfsense (2.2 RC) is working as a road-warrior.
    So i connect 2 Systems via VPN on the Pfsense.
    The connection between this systems is around 50-60Mbits, which isn't exactly fast, but okay.
    I'm now routing some connections from pfsense to another VPN (a provider or my own server- it doesn't matter)
    this connection (where pfsense is the client) is very slow.
    The Best results i can get is around 5Mbits each when i use the VPN-Provider
    or 2Mbit / 10 Mbit (down / up) when i'm using my own server.
    normally i won't get more than 1.5 Mbits.

    looking at the OpenvPN-Server (Debian 7, OVPN from the rep) the load isn't really worth meantioning.
    Loading files from and to my OPenVPN-Server it will show me a full 100Mbit

    what i have done:
    disabled compression
    disabled cypher
    messed around with mssfix, mtu-tun etc.
    activated fastforward on the settings

    any new ideas?

  • Hello,
    I have the same problem.

    Very powerfull pfSense-server with OpenVPN. I have gigabit internet Connection on both server and client, but I only reach speed @ 350kb/sec.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    this thread is from Jan 2015…

    I doubt the OP is still having a problem..

    You reach 350kb doing what??  and is that really kb or KB?

    You trying to do SMB file copy over a high latency connection?  Yeah its going to BLOW...

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