Android - CA Cert is Undefiend

  • Setting up a friend to use  my OpenVPN while traveling.  Have it working for Windows, but can't get it working on Android (4.4 KitKat).

    Gave them the Windows archive zip that contained the config, cert, and key files.  That works fine on their Windows 8.1 machine.

    Gave them the Android config file that has the certs self contained.  But Android is complaining that the CA cert is undefined.  "OpenVPN core error: PolarSSL: ca certificate is undefined"

    A screenshot of the error is attached.

    We could use your help.

  • Hi NOYB,

    Where you able to resolve this issue ? I'm running into the same problem with OpenVPN client on iOS.

    Would like to know what you did to solve this (if you did).


  • Banned

    When using retarded phones, inline the CA cert to the bottom of the the OVPN file

     <ca>-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----
    CA cert contents here
    -----END CERTIFICATE-----</ca> 

  • That worked. Thanks a ton.