Commit for redmine bug #3639 ?

  • Hi

    Could somebody please advise which commit fixes bug #3639?

    We are facing a similar issue in that pfsense crashes when it tries to redirect a packet to the CP.

    It doesn't say on the page above and I've been going through the commits of 2014-05-05/6/7 but cannot find any commits from ermal that appear to be related…


  • That was specific to 2.2 alpha snapshots' base OS last May, it has no relation to what you're doing unless you're running a really old 2.2 build. If you are, upgrade. Otherwise, will need some details like a crash report to tell you anything.

  • Hi

    I'm running 2.1.4. Symptoms are really similar with that bug though…

    See crash report attached.



  • The symptom is the same, the crash is quite a bit different from the looks of your crash report. 2.2 release is now out, upgrading to it is your next best step.

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