Voucher fail reauthenticate.

  • I want do a hotspot around my cafe which is the client can use it by using the voucher.

    When I done configure  the pfsense with my device, all work as well. I follow the video tutorial at youtube.

    But when im running a test,

    I figure that when my A device connect my AP the authentication for voucher appear and it give me access internet

    but I try connect the B device to the AP it directly connect to the internet without voucher authentication.

    I need help because 99% of this project are done.  :(


  • Your AP is NATing clients so they all look like 1 client by the time they hit CP, fix your AP to bridge only.

  • thank you cmb!!!

    i plug the WAN to LAN and set it same subnet.

    now i can start the voucher sell. :D

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