Seems like I'm not getting private messages.

  • Hi,

    I've received notification on threads that somebody sent me a private message twice now, and I don't see a PM.

    I have three messages in my inbox total.  Two from an administrator and one from one of the people who I didn't get a message from later.

    Is there a setting I need to tweak?  It seems like there is no setting for this.


  • There isn't much to it. Pretty sure you can disable the ability to receive PMs if you want, but then it wouldn't let the person send one at all and wouldn't generate an email notification. What were the specific emails you received? Maybe they were thread update notifications, not PM notifications? Can PM me details.

  • It seems that the other users might not be sending their PMs correctly.  I've had multiple PMs now from multiple regular users based on this thread.


  • Yep - haha

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