PfSense simply does the job

  • Hi Guys and Gals

    Well, I'm moving away from my trusty Novell Bordermanager as it's no longer in active development, and I've been looking high and low for a trusty firewall.
    I found astaro which is very good, but quite difficult to understand, then on their forum I found unTangle which is VERY featurerich, but completely incomprehensible in it's setup.
    Then I found pfSense, and I was home again. Setting up the basic setup with portforwarding etc. took no time at all, dhcp, dns and all that was included, and there are even some features about SIP that I haven't quite figured out yet included.


    Thankyou for an easy and effective firewall, great job in adhering to the KISS rule!

  • Thanks for the feedback :-)

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