No Firewall Logs?

  • Any idea what would prevent any firewall log entries from being created?  I had entries from mid-December and it stopped logging (either locally or to a remote syslog server).  Other installs are working normally.  This occurred on various incarnations of 2.2-RC, and continues now that I have upgraded to 2.2-RELEASE.

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    Do you have current logs on other tabs?

    Maybe click the Clear Log button to reset the log file back to a fresh empty one.

  • Hi,

    it seem i have this problem but maybe in another way.

    Fresh clean install with manual setup (no config file reuse) and my rules that are marked to be logged does not show anything in firewall log. Some connection does not seem to be logged too but can't find wich one :S

    I have a NAT issue wich is discussed in another thread but can't diagnose more without rule log working.

  • Hello,

    I have not gotten any remote firewall logs since January 24.  I have been running 2.2-RELEASE sing 2015/01/27 and just upgraded on 2015/03/18 to 2.2.1-RELEASE but still get no firewall logs on my remote server.  I am receiving other logs such as dhcp.

  • I found the solution to my problem.  It looks like the file name for the firewall logs changed from pf-log to filterlog-log.

    Feel pretty silly.  Oops. :o

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