WAN clients can connect but LAN cannot connect to a game server using WPEPro

  • Here's my problem:
    I have a game server in my internal LAN, NATted under latest pfsense (ADSL, WAN/LAN setup).
    I'm using WPEPro in my game server to convert LAN IP to WAN IP (to facilitate login) in order for my external clients to login.
    If WPEPro is enabled, WAN users can connect to my server but LAN cannot.
    If WPEPro is disabled, WAN users cannot connect to my servers but LAN users can.
    But if i use a basic Linksys BEFSR41 router intead of pfsense, all clients (LAN & WAN) can connect whenever WPEPro is enabled.
    I running out of ideas why is it like this, but i definitely want to use pfsense as my firewall than the Linksys.
    Please help.
    Thank you.

  • Which Game?
    What does WPEPro do?
    You could try to:
    Point your WAN-address to your internal server address (on the DNS-forwarder config page)

  • Which Game?
    -RAN Online

    What does WPEPro do?
    -WPEPro changes the returned packet info (LAN IP to a WAN IP and vice versa) if client connects using WAN address so that it can communicate successfully to the client software

    You could try to:
    Point your WAN-address to your internal server address (on the DNS-forwarder config page)
    -how do i do this please?

    Thanks for the reply.

  • Did you even try ??? ???


    (on the DNS-forwarder config page)

  • I tried adding this entry at the DNS forwarder config:

    halang   5x.69.xx.109   CheekyRAN

    Is it right? Sorry, noob here.

    Problem still exist.

  • the first and the second field build together the address.

    ie: psymia.mine.nu is the address under which my server is reachable
    Host: psymia
    Domain: mine.nu

  • Followed your advice in the DNS forwarder, same problem exists.
    LAN clients still cannot connect to the game server but WAN clients can.
    Here's the link of the procedure that i used to setup WPEPro for my server, hope this can explain more my problem.


    Thanks in advance.

  • Is there some documentation on what WPEPro really does?
    Because from what you describe (and what i saw following your link) it seems as if it rewrites all packages your server sends.
    I'm not really sure how that even works in the first place…

  • Do the LAN-Users try to access that server by it's public IP or private IP?

  • @hoba

    LAN clients access the server via its private IP, ie

    while WAN clients access the server via the Public IP, ie 58.6x.15x.1x9. passing thru the NATted firewall.

    If i disable the WPEPro, LAN clients can connect but WAN now cannot connect.

    What intrigues me is that if a basic router such Linksys BEFSR41 (1WAN port, 4 LAN port) is used, LAN and WAN clients both can connect using WPEPRO.

  • Here is also the documentation of WPEPro:


    Thanks again for your time helping me solve this problem.

  • That doesn't make sense at all. pfSense is not sitting between the LAN-Clients and your Server. It absolutely can't block or restrict anything between a LAN-client and a server at LAN. You have a problem with that server not with pfSense imo.

  • My game server is running fine, replacing pfsense with a basic router that have 4 LAN ports readily solves the problem. But if under pfsense, problem exists.
    But i still want to use pfsense because i want to filter some WAN IP's trying to connect to my server without my authorization. Such features is not present in many commercial routers available.
    Any other suggestions please, to resolve my problem? Do you know of any routers that can block specific public IP adresses from connecting to a game server. Thank you very much.

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