VMWare in Window XP

  • i installed vmware workstation 5.5.0 in my window xp. i had fully installed pfsense in vmware. actually i intend to install freeradius package so tat i able to run radius server using pfsense. unfortunely when i clicked on the package in the System, it show the msg "Unable to communicate to pfSense.com. Please check DNS, default gateway, etc." i had go through the General Setup and Setup Wizard but the problem still exist.

    currently i'm using 2 NIC for my computer.

    for the vmware part,i set


    i found my interface status showed "Bridge (bridge0)----blocking - check for ethernet loops" for LAN and WAN.is it the problem?

    any1 know about it?

    thanks for viewing n sharing:)

  • should i bridge both of my physical NICs in window XP?

  • you somehow configured lan to be bridged to wan and created a loop in vmware. the gui just tells you that the spanning tree protocol did shut down the loop to prevent broadcaststorms. I don't know what you want to achieve with your setup exactly so I don't know what to tell you but your current setup is completely wrong  ;)

  • i want to set up the radius server using the pfsense in vmware. but i don know how to configure the network interface for vmware and window xp. can some1 show me the guide/tutorial how to setup radius server?

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