Small problem about ftp

  • Hi everyone

    I have small problem with ftp. I use ftp client behine firewall ok with IE and Firefox. But when I use total commander, I have to choose passive mode I can use ftp. please tell me wheather don't need to choose passive mode in total commander, I still use ftp. Thank a lot

  • What exactly is your question?
    Do you know what the difference between passive and active mode is?
    (Since you are asking i suspect you dont: –> read up on it on wikipedia).

  • I haven't internal ftp server. I only want access ftp outside. When I use total commander for ftp. after authentication user, pass. It always stand at download, get directory. Then I have to enter edit part. I choose use passive mode for transfer (like a WWW browse) I can use ftp total commander as normal. My question is any way no need choose use passive mode for transfer (like a WWW browse ) in total commander for access ftp or not.

    Thanks a lot

  • Active mode should work if the ftphelper is enabled at interfaces>lan (if your client is behind lan). However as ftp is such a dump protocol I wouldn't expect active mode to work in a lot of locations anyway. Read up on wikipedia like gruensfroeschli suggested if you want to know why this protocol has so much issues with nat and firewalls.