Have connection, but no IP?

  • I'm trying to setup an OpenVPN connection between pfsense 1.2-RC4 and an OSX tiger machine, using TCP.

    The server is set up using PKI, Dynamic IP and address pool in a range not used in house. On the mac I've tried both Tunnelblick and openvpn through macports. What happens is that I seemingly get a connection. ifconfig on the Mac returns a tun0 interface, and there seems to be an established connection, but I'm not getting an IP number for the tun0 interface, and I'm not able to ping any of the machines in the LAN.

    What do I need to do to get DHCP working on my VPN connection, or am I interpreting this wrong somehow?

  • Could you post the log-output when the tunnel comes up?
    Also the config-files on the server and the client would help.

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